Meet Alex Hern, an ICT Expert and Founder of Tsunami XR

Alex Hern is a business mogul who had had a successful career in the ICT sector for over 25 years. He began his career by working with technology companies on their incubation stage. Hern later co-founded a search technology company, Inktomi Goldman Sachs-led IPO (INKT) whereby he served as the director. The company served different giant tech companies such as Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. Other companies he co-founded include Yesmail Alex Brown led IPO (YESM), Military Commercial Technologies, ArcSight (ARST) and CloudShield whereby he also served as the director. He is also the founder of and Triton Network Systems (TNSI) whereby he served in the board of directors.

Through his work, he has gained abundant experience in the ICT industry and is currently serving Tsunami XR as the CEO, a company he founded in the year 2014. Tsunami XR focusses on developing new communications software to redesign how companies exchange ideas, collaborate, train, execute tasks and grow. During an interview with IdeaMensch, he said that the idea to form Tsunami XR came to his mind when people started moving from CPU driven computers to GPU driven ones. He realized that people would need new software platforms for compatibility during the transitioned era. Alex Hern believes that using enough time, roughly 4 to 5 hours concentrating on one thing rather than multitasking can lead to great success. He also said that he brings his ideas into reality by working more at night than during the day because when everyone else is sleeping, there is less distraction and can easily build an amazing innovation.

The main things that excite Alex Hern are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing being the concepts that define his daily work. When asked if he has anything that makes him more productive, he said that focus is the main mechanism because when one is focused on goals, everything goes as planned despite how difficult it is to remain continuously focused. According to Alex Hern, waking up early every day is a very important habit that everyone should stick to, no matter what. One main challenge Alex faced in his career is experiencing unexpected changes in the macroeconomic environment leading to adverse effects on the business. However, he says that being prepared for the worst can help an entrepreneur to deal with any challenge as their come.

Alex Hern on What Makes Him Succesful

Alex Hern is founder and CEO of Tsunami XR a software company specializing in digital meeting platforms and 3D animation and visualization solutions. Hern is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to helping early stage companies especially those involved in budding technologies. He has been involved in founding numerous technology companies involved in an wide range of different technologies. He was co founder of Inktomi which developed the search technology for MSN, Yahoo and AOL, Yesmail which specialized in email marketing, Arcsight a cyber security company and CloudShield a network security company.

Alex Hern has the experience and expertise needed to flourish in the fast paced technology sector. Alex Hern mentions his focus as the driving force behind his success. He spends four to five hours each day focused on the one goal that he believes will help Tsunami XR to move forward. While his days may be spent focusing on a single goal his nights are spent contemplating and coming up with new ideas and concepts. Alex Hern states that “multitasking is unproductive”.

In order to keep himself on track he maintains a sharp level of focus on his long term goals, waking up early each day and keeping to a consistent routine. He advises fellow entrepreneurs to slow down and make the right decision to meet long term goals. As any good innovator will say, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but learning from those mistakes is the key to growth and success. Hern created Tsunami XR when he recognized the shift from CPU to GPU driven computing. He uses his experience, focus and expertise to continue innovating and bringing new technology to the forefront. As his favorite quote from Winston Churchill states “Success it not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Don’t Sleep On Betsy DeVos

Keep a careful eye on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Many believe that she is polite in public but that is putting it kindly. It would be reasonable to say that she’s been downright clueless in her public life during her tenure in the Trump Administration. But it seems to be all a ruse in order to keep attention away.


The little blonde woman from Michigan is quite a fighter behind closed doors. She fought the president when he went to dismantle an Obama-era rule that protected transgender students in public schools. The rule, which has now been abolished, allowed students to use bathrooms of their desired gender in public schools. Betsy DeVos fought Donald Trump fiercely over the pullback of the regulation, and her efforts were witnessed by an aide. Betsy and that aid then went to a representative for gay, lesbian and transgender students to explain her private battle.


Then she went out into the world to support Donald Trump and his decision to pull back the regulation. She was then caught on camera saying that the original regulation was an example of Obama abusing his executive powers. She fell right in line publicly while fighting privately.


This behavior belies her history as a fierce politician back in her home state of Michigan. Anybody that knew her would tell you that she was incredibly intimidating and would use powerful tactics to get what she wants. But now she may feel as if she’s a big fish in a big pond. Her tactic now seems to be fading into the background as the Trump Administration is mired in controversy.


This may allow her to advance her agenda. After all, in a recent interview, she has said that more communities are allowing school choice. Her dream for America is that every family has the power to choose the school their child attends. The federal government would issue families vouchers which they could then put towards public or private schools. This would essentially funnel federal tax money to private schools in an effort to bring capitalism to the “closed” system of education in our country.


And she’s slowly warming the country up to the idea. She just visited Pit Bull down in Miami. She brushed off questions from the media concerning the rapper’s misogynistic lyrics as she toured his private school in South Florida. Her appearance with the pop star may go a long way.


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Hussain Sajwani Growth for DAMAC Ahead

Dubai is a thriving city with a booming economy. With numerous jobs available, millions of people want to move to the area. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and leader of DAMAC Properties. The company builds both homes and businesses in Dubai. Since the company was founded, Hussain has enjoyed tremendous financial success. He is a central member of the community, and he spends a lot of resources helping others.

Starting Out in Real Estate

According to, Hussain never dreamed that he would own or operate a real estate company. He started working in the real estate industry after college. He sold homes to potential buyers in the area. Through this job, he was able to learn various aspects of the industry. He noticed there was a significant opportunity for a quality construction company.

He decided to begin saving his income to start a company. It took him multiple years to start his business. He also had to borrow a lot of money at first. He began building homes in the area and then started developing commercial properties as well.

Financial Plans

While developing a company, Hussain also invested in real estate. He enjoyed real estate investing because it provided a way to earn monthly income. He purchased multiple properties each year. Over time, he bought dozens of homes that produced income each month. His real estate empire is massive, and it provides him with all of the revenue he needs. He could technically retire, but he wants to keep improving DAMAC for the future.

Other Advice

Hussain Sajwani spends a lot of time teaching others about real estate investing. He is passionate about his business, and he wants to make Dubai a better place. He firmly believes that all children should have equal educational opportunities. Some children in Dubai do not have access to primary education, and Hussain is working to change that.

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Distributors, Investors earn with Organo Gold

Coffee was not a plant unique to the Americas, but it does grow well there, and it can be found on different continents. When the citizens of the newly formed United States wanted a national drink, they decided they needed something other than tea. Coffee fit the bill. While Coca-Cola has replaced coffee as the national beverage, it still remains the way most American prefer to wake up in the morning. A person who does not like to wake up to the smell of coffee probably has not heard about Organo Gold, but those who expect to smell the warm aroma in the morning should treat themselves with this gourmet organic coffee blend.

Those who look for this product in their local grocery store will come away from the store disappointed. Organo Gold’s founders chose to offer this premium product via home distributors. They chose this model because they wanted to find a way to make network marketing work for people even at the lowest level of the distribution scheme can make money if they put in a reasonable amount of work. The product is so good that some people choose to become distributors merely to have easy access to the product.

They are not interested in selling the finely crafted Organo gold gourmet blends. Many people dream of starting their own business, and most multi-level marketing companies use this dream to get people to sell their product. While it works for some people, it can be hard for many people who are not natural sales persons. Offering a product that people actually want makes the job of a distributor easier. Organo Gold believes that offering a product that is easy to sell is one of the best ways for the company to support its independent distributors.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Increasing Emergency Room Visits for Non-Urgent Medical Cases, a Course for Concern

Prevailing challenges in the healthcare sector has made the industry to be exposed to constant ridicule from other industries such that mentioning the industry in the public platform is likely to be considered humorous. The lack of financial support from both the government and private investors. This might explain why the private sector has invested so heavily in an attempt to benefit from the prevailing situation. However, the current situation is expected to go a notch higher after Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, an experienced emergency room physician based in Miami, Florida, highlighted that there is an increasing trend where individuals are choosing to visit the emergency room for non-urgent medical cases.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel notes that this trend has been there since the early 1990s but seems to be increasing with a large number of people seeking medication in emergency rooms as compared to those seeking medication in the primary care department. The issue is that those seeking medication in the emergency rooms are reported not to require immediate attention after examination by the doctors. On examining the reasons why Dr. Eric Forsthoefel notes that the limited number of physicians in the primary care department means that an individual has to spend more than twenty-four hours before getting an appointment with an experienced physician. This makes most of the patients, especially those in a high-income bracket, to seek medical attention in the emergency room where they will get a doctor immediately.

Other reasons as to why individuals are seeking medication in the emergency room for medical issues that are not considered emergent because they do not have a personal relationship with physicians in the primary care department. Moreover, low-income individuals would prefer to get medication in the emergency room as they have a perception that emergency rooms offer more convenience as compared to what one would get by seeking medical services in the primary care department. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel goes on further to highlight that doctors have found themselves in critical conditions.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel highlights that one of the main challenges facing physicians working in the emergency department is ascertaining whether an individual needs emergency medical attention or not. Determining whether a patient should access medical attention immediately is a serious issue that leads to a medical dilemma. However, doctors have decided to follow the necessary procedure by ensuring that individuals who seek medication in the emergency room are treated without determining whether individuals need emergency care. This has been done to ensure that a patient does not die due to negligence as physicians try to examine whether he/she needs emergency care.

The other challenge is that the emergency department in Florida and other states in the United States are experiencing an acute shortage of resources because more individuals would demand more emergency room visits as compared to those demanding primary healthcare. The people working in the emergency rooms work for more extended periods trying to attend to various medical services. Contrastingly, the number of patients in need of emergency room is increasing while the resources provided in this department remains constant.

Jim Toner’s Rewarding Career of Real Estate Investment

Jim Toner is one of these most successful real estate investors, radio hosts, speaker and also a very successful consultant. He has participated in so many forums whereby he been known for his expertise in matters related to real estate. He is also a very successful radio host and has got so many listeners for his deep understanding on matters investment.

Jim Toner has traveled across all parts of the country together with the likes of The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartman as well as Frank McKinney. He has been able to appear as a speaker at thousands of forums whereby he encourages and advises people on the most intelligent investment ideas and approaches.

Jim Toner has a vast clientele and has always approached his training in a manner that makes real estate investment user-friendly for the general public. His services are on a huge demand and people come from across all parts of the globe to listen to him express his views. Majority of his customer’s manager to pay routinely between $2,000 to $15,000 excluding travel and accommodation for his real estate programs. He is a very resourceful consultant, and people have become great investors after successfully following their training.

The successful entrepreneur has been in the real estate investment trenches for a very long period. He has amassed a lot of experience from reading as well as personal experiences that have made him a great man worth all the attention in life. He has been in the industry for the last twenty-five years and knows how the industry can be resourceful to potential investors. He has been able to thousands of people who have managed to chart their way towards financial freedom by applying his simple model of 12 Little Houses Plan.

Entrepreneur Jim Toner is a very active philanthropist and has been nationally recognized for his great works in ensuring that he works with the homeless. He is also a member of Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation. He is also a member of the Pittsburg Advisory Board and acts as the Chairperson.

Today as we speak, Jim works with Private Client Group and also coaching groups as well as working as a private coach in the real estate industry. He has mastered great training techniques that have made him get recognition from across the country.

Jim (@thejimtoner) is also very open and transparent when it comes to charging for the services he offers. People who subscribe to the services leave the training rooms with all the tools necessary to make them a successful business person. Majority of them have always hired him for consultations in case they plan to engage in other development activities. Check out Toner’s resume.

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Susan McGalla Blazes a Path for Women in Leadership

Susan McGalla has helped blaze a path for women who want to be leaders. McGalla grew up with two brothers. Her father was a football coach. Her dad and brothers gave her zero breaks for being a girl. She had to compete, and she’s been competing ever since.

McGalla started out at American Eagle Outfitters. At the time she hired on, all executives were men. By the time McGalla exited the company she was president. Susan McGalla subsequently founded P3 Consulting. McGalla currently works for the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL franchise. She is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Steelers and helped drive the Wear what we wear campaign.

However, McGalla’s success is still not the norm. Among all senior executive positions, women hold only 25%. Women’s leadership networks and women’s leadership initiatives abound, but the glass ceiling remains. If such networking and leadership initiatives were the answer, there would be more cracks in the glass ceiling. There are not. Something more is needed. There is a solution that can help end gender discrimination, executive sponsorship.

In executive sponsorship, a woman seeking to break through the glass ceiling pairs with a high-level executive who acts as her sponsor. The sponsor may be someone the woman seeks out, although a company-wide policy of promoting such sponsorships is probably better.

Executive sponsors would lobby for the assignment of women executives to essential projects, and then provide them the mentorship to execute the project successfully. Of course, some businesses are promoting such sponsorships. The key to making the executive sponsorship perform better is to incentivize those sponsors. When corporations reward executives for sponsoring women executives, change will occur.

Studies show that gender-diverse companies perform better than non-diverse organizations. Susan McGalla is leading the effort to increase awareness of that fact. Find out more about Susan McGalla:

The Career of Finance Entrepreneur Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the top members of the management committee at Fortress Investment Group. He co founded the firm in the late 90’s with a couple of other finance professionals. Over the last to decades, he has helped the firm establish itself as one of the most reputable and effective asset management firms in the world. Today he serves as the principal and co chief executive officer. Prior to co founding Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone spent a number of years working at other financial services firms. These include Blackrock Financial and UBS. He has also spent time working at a law firm as well.

One of the most significant experiences of Randal Nardone’s career was in law.
One of the most significant experiences of Randal Nardone’s career was in law.

One of the most significant experiences of Nardone’s career was in law. Shortly after graduating from law school, Randal Nardone worked at a prestigious law firm in New York City. He worked at Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood where he would serve as a member of the executive committee. Nardone would also become a partner of the law firm as well. These positions allowed him to develop important leadership skills in his future career in finance. After working at the law firm, Nardone would look to pursue a career in the financial services industry.

The first experience he had in the finance industry was at Blackrock Financial Management, He would serve as the principal of this firm as well as provide its daily management. This firm would be fairly successful but, Nardone would eventually leave the firm. His next experience in finance came when he joined UBS. While working at this firm, Randal would serve as its managing director. This position required Randal to manage the firm as well as get clients. During his one year at the firm, Nardone helped UBS continue establishing its reputation as a top investment banking firm.

At the end of the 1990’s, Randal Nardone would team up with a couple of other professionals to establish Fortress Investment Group. He would help develop the firm into one that specializes in managing many different asset classes such as real estate and credit based securities. Since he started up the firm he has been a part of its management committee as well as a couple of other executive positions. These include being the firm’s principal and also one of the chief executive officers.

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Nick Vertucci: Real Estate Investor With Inspiring Book

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate investor who understands that the world of business can have numerous ups and downs. He was born into a poor family. Things became even more difficult when his father died, putting even more financial hardships on his family. When he turned eighteen, he started his own computer business, which started off profitable and he made a lot of money initially. His business would end up taking a turn for the worse after the stock market crash of 2000 at the very height of the bubble. Nick Vertucci lost his business and his financial problems started to mount. He accumulated millions in debt and ended up losing his home. Although down on his luck, he took a chance and enrolled in a real estate school. He would end up having an enviable career as a real estate investor. Nick Vertucci even started his own real estate academy to pass on what made him successful in the real estate space.

To encourage others to emulate his success, Nick Vertucci wrote a motivational book titled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed”. The book depicts the struggles that he had to overcome and shows the steps that built the groundwork for the changes he made that helped him to get to be financially independent and building a long-lasting business. The book militates how he had managed to move up in life financially with his computer business only to fall back down as the business ended up failing. He wrote about how he had been suffering from major depression during this stage of his life until he met someone who would mentor him and help him to change his thinking. After he formed a new mental attitude he was able to turn his life around and became a successful real estate investor.