Talos Energy Partnering with a Consortium of Oil and Gas Companies to Explore the Mexican Gulf

Talos energy together with a syndicate of companies that have interests in the oil and gas are looking forward to partnering with Pemex which is a Mexican state-owned energy firm. The joint partnership is geared towards developing a potentially lucrative oil and gas discovery that will be accompanied with more drilling.
Talos previous projects in the southern Gulf of Mexico ware a success. The Zama project struck a significant oil deposit that is estimated to hold close to 2 billion barrels of oil. Besides, the Zama well holds close to 1 billion barrels of oil in recoverable reserves.
The discovery will be of great significance to Pemex which is planning to drill its well by the end of the year including confirming its share.
During an interview Talos Energy CEO Mr. Tim Duncan said that the firm is looking forward to analyzing the data for the venture. The data results will then inform the company how quickly it can form the partnership as well as making its final investment decision. Tim added that the groups of companies that are involved in the joint venture include Talos Energy, Britain based premier Oil, and the Mexican Siera Oil and Gas. All the three firms will share its data with Pemex and are all hoping that by the end of the following year the project negotiations will have been finalized.
Duncan in a bid to strengthen business ties with the Mexican government visited the President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador who promised to help strengthen Pemex once he assumes office in December. The president-elect went ahead to emphasize the country’s need of operators like Talos who will assist in the production of more barrels of oil.
Mexico’s oil regulator in September of this year approved the appraisal plan for the Zama project that is estimated to cost Talos a whopping 325 million dollars worth of investment in drilling and conducting research.
About Talos Energy
Talos Energy is a private for-profit oil and gas Exploration Company that focuses its operations in the Mexican Gulf and the Gulf Coast. The Houston Texas-based company was founded way back in 2012.

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Benefits of Organo Gold

The quest for healthy living has driven many companies to tap into the popularity of coffee by incorporating ingredients that have health benefits. One such group of elements is compounds extracted from Ganoderma lucidum; a medicinal mushroom which has been used in various communities especially among the Chinese for centuries due to its numerous health benefits. Its incorporation in Organo Gold coffee products ensures that consumers of the coffee brand enjoy a wide variety of health benefits.

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Prevention of cancer: Ganoderma lucidum mushroom used in making Organo Gold coffee have compounds that boost immune cells and increase their cancer prevention capabilities. The compounds also hasten the death of cancerous cells by inhibiting supply nutrients to the cells.

Supporting immune system: The compounds found in Organo Gold coffee have immune system boosting capabilities including increasing the CD8 count and improving the levels of antioxidants which are some of the primary immune cells responsible for fighting and destroying pathogens including tumors in the body. Additionally, the compounds promote the maturation of macrophages by the body thereby helping in fighting diseases of bronchitis.

Burning of excess body fats: Organo Gold coffee increases metabolism rate through increased oxygenation. An increase in metabolic rate and oxygenation increases the body’s ability to burn excess fat thereby reducing the chances of being overweight or obese.

The compounds found in Ganoderma lucidum mushroom used in making Organo Gold coffee have stress relieving properties.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases: Compounds found in Ganoderma lucidum mushroom can increase blood flow in the body which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and angina.

The mushrooming of coffee shops in small and big towns is a testimony to its popularity as a multifunctional beverage. Coffee is a social beverage which can be brewed in different ways, using different ingredients to achieve the desired goal.

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Sujit Choudhry Weighs In On the Political Crisis between Spain and Catalonia

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most renowned constitutional lawyers globally, refer to (Linkedin.com). Recently, Choudhry together with his team of scholars advised the Spanish and Catalan governments to have a dialogue. Sujit Choudhry and his colleagues hope that these two governments will heed to their advice and eventually sit down together and have a discussion about the current constitutional issues. Puigdemont is the current serving President of Catalonia, and he has been advised to seek a referendum to enforce the desires of the people of Catalonia. Rajoy, the Prime Minister of Spain, was also urged to cope with the fact that the people of Catalonia want to secede from Spain and they want to achieve their desires peacefully. For all this to be accomplished, the Spanish and Catalan governments need to come to a common agreement.


About the Constitutional Crisis between Spain and Catalonia

Sujit was the co-author of the letter that was written to the Catalan government. Mr. Puigdemont is Catalonia’s president, and he has postponed Catalonia’s declaration for independence many times with the primary aim of engaging Spain in a dialogue. Since the people of Catalonia may have lost hope in the secession process, the best way to solve this issue is by carrying out a referendum. Spain’s Prime Minister, Mr. Rajoy has also been convicting anyone involved in the fight for Catalonia’s independence. Sujit Choudhry and his team of professionals have advised Mr. Rajoy to cease arresting the Catalonian people. The best way to resolve the issue between Catalonia and Spain is through the presence of a referendum. Mr. Rajoy has also been advised to accept the will of the people of Catalonia after a referendum is carried out. Although Catalonia underwent a referendum in October 1, 2017, the Catalonia parliament was dissolved by the Spanish government through Article 155 of the constitution which was approved by the Senate in the same year. Catalonia was now under the leadership of the Spanish government.



Most scholars believe that the political atmosphere in Spain has not allowed the presence of a political dialogue between Catalonia and Spain. In the past nine months, Spain has been faced by many challenges such as the strikes by pensioners among other issues. These demonstrations have contributed significantly to the political issues that Spain has been facing all along. The presence of such issues has many people wondering whether there is always a right time for a political dialogue.


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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Journey to Success

Success in business is dependent on several factors among them determination, passion and perseverance. The same applies for Husssin Sajwani, Founder and Owner of DAMAC, a global real estate development company. He poses as a great visionary and fantastic leader and businessman. He is often listed among the 100 topmost influential Arabs. This is due to the tremendous success of DAMAC Properties and his other businesses. He is listed as the umber 10 richest Arab, who is ever in the lookout to extend his business presence throughout Asia.

Before the success of DAMAC, bringing him to the center of international fame as a successful businessman, Hussain Sajwani had spent most of childhood helping his father in his watch shop. He was influential in making his family business prosper. He has admitted on several occasions that the experience he acquired at his family business was very influential in plummeting him into his own business. He also admits that he has ever been a risk taker who is out to look for new business opportunities.

Hussain Sajwani was lucky to have gotten a scholarship to study Economics and Industrial Engineering in the University of Washington. While studying in the US, he made most of his money selling timeshare apartments. After graduation, Mr. Sajwani realized he had the potential to take a step and earn money by himself.

However, before taking such a big step, real estate developer Sajwani decided to work with a large company in order to gain the necessary experience. Later on, he decided to venture it out on his own and taste the waters. It all turned out to be the best decision he ever made. In 1982, he opened a catering firm. The business picked quickly and became a market leader, serving approximately 150000 meals a day. The business currently operates in multiple markets in the Middle East, Africa and other Commonwealth Countries.

Being a risk taker and a man who identifiers opportunities, he saw potential in the real estate world and decided to be part of it. He started small, only developing small hotels. With time, his business grew and stamped itself as a major player in real estate development, developing many important towers in Dubai. DAMAC was founded in the 2000s when Dubai opened its space for real estate market.

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GreenSky Plays At Red Rocks After Releasing Their New Album

GreenSky is an American bluegrass band that was founded in the mid-2000’s. The band is from Kalamazoo, Michigan with them embodying many of the styles and charms of other Great Lake area bluegrass bands.

The band originally consisted of three members with Michael Arlen Bont on the banjo, Dave Bruzza on the guitar, and Paul Hoffman on the mandolin. The band has gone through a number of lineups with Chris Carr and Al Bates for the release of their first studio album Less than Supper released in 2004. The band added classical cellist Michael Devol the same year.

The band has since gone onto release seven albums including live albums and one double release. GreenSky has a long history of them playing at bluegrass festivals with them winning the competition at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. This is one of the largest bluegrass festivals in the country with the win propelling them to fame in the bluegrass world.

GreenSky has played with some notable musicians. This includes Phil Lesh who was the bassist for the Grateful Dead with him being credited for their unique jam style.

The band has also played with Bill Kreutzman & Papa Mali, Cornmeal, Larry Keel, Railroad Earth, and Sam Bush.

The bad recently played a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. This theater has features some of the most popular bluegrass bands with the move representing GreenSky’s move into the category of staple bluegrass musicians. The bend played with the California Honeydrops who they have an established touring relationship with.

GreenSky released their latest studio album Shouted, Written Down & Quoted in 2016. The album was produced with Steve Berlin who is known for playing with the band Los Lobos. Los Lobos is known for their use of a variety of instruments and a mixture of styles. This album represents GreenSky’s continued evolution as a band.


Ryan Seacrest’s Energetic Schedule and Workout Routine

A workout routine can be very important and crucial for your day-to-day energy levels and productivity. One of the most successful show hosts of America, Ryan Seacrest, knows this very well.

Ryan is the host of popular shows such as “Live” with Kelly and Ryan and “American Idol” and one of the most successful individuals in his career, having one of the highest salaries of any American host.

Having lived in Los Angeles for such a long time, it was time, in 2017, for Ryan to move to New York where it would be a better location for him to start hosting the show “Live” with Kelly Ripa. However, Ryan has a multitude of other jobs, having produced TV series such as the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “American Idol,” “On Air” and also having his own foundation (the Ryan Seacrest Foundation) and two brands. With such a wide variety of roles, Ryan talks about his daily schedule, habits and how does he juggle all of this while also having time to rest and workout.

Ryan Seacrest has an intense workout routine and exercising regularly has been an essential part of his life since he was in his 20’s. Since then, his life has gotten a lot more crowded with shows and his celebrity lifestyle. However, Ryan admits that his workout routine is an integral part of his day.

First, as per the Business of Fashion, Ryan wakes up at 6 o’clock and prepares himself for the day to come. With a quick bath & dress, Ryan Seacrest, a fashion line creator, prepares his coffee and a matcha tea to improve his alertness so that he can have the necessary energy levels and willpower to proceed with all of the phone calls, trips across the city and networking that he has to do on a daily basis.

Ryan Seacrest has his own personal trainer, Hernan Santa, who has helped him with his workout routine. Ryan enjoys the intense workout and jogging in the park as well. He thinks it is crucial to do outdoor exercise as well.

Being the famous host of American Idol since 2002 and the self-released On-Air program in 2004, Ryan Seacrest has adopted a series of healthy habits to stay productive and alert, such as not bringing his cell phone with him sometimes.

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Understanding Cloudwick’s Data Lake

To effectively run business, an organization requires having some insights to gather more information and be able to use it more. This is where a data lake comes in to help. A data lake can store a large amount of data both structured and unstructured format until the company is ready to use the data. This characteristic of data lake allows companies to accumulate almost any use case. It is challenging for an organization to gain insights swiftly from its data because of the velocity, variety, and volume of data increases. To restructure the process, lower costs of gathering analyzing content, and scale the capacity; companies need to update their information warehouse solutions.

Cloudwick is a sophisticated consulting partner for AWS (Amazon Web Services). The company’s consulting experts can take one through the process, hastening one’s time to systematic insight by safely and swiftly architecting a current information store on AWS. In addition to this, the team of professionals can lead the exploitation of data foundation. Moreover, they can control their considerable data skills to incorporate a wide range of AWS resources including tool vendors and third-party ISVs.

Cloudwick has collaborated with AWS to bring into the market a discounted as well as a time-based offering to restart one’s journey to a modern data store. The jumpstart provides starts which includes an onsite kickoff. Additionally, the jumpstart uses a session of case requirements collection and encompasses current end-to-end information warehouse implementation. Jumpstart allows users to deploy, pilot, and move into production a complete-functional data lake operating on AWS. The Amazon SageMaker platform with the Machine Learning of Cloudwick that are on AWS allows business users and developers of all skillsets control the Amazon SageMaker’s power to discover the real world use cases as well as understanding how the whole machine learning takes place.

Cloudwick’s data lake applies to any sector vertical and mostly uses an ETL strategy as compared to other common ETL used in traditional information warehouse. Traditional data warehouses usually were defined before loading data. However, with the data lake, one does not have to think through all the use case that will be used. All one requires is a data catalog.


How DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani Built The UAE’s Largest Property Development Company In Two Decades

Hussain Sajwani is DAMAC Properties’ current CEO and Chairman. Sajwani’s history to becoming real estate mogul traces back from the 80’s shortly after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. He immediately got a job in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries in the finance department where he worked continuously gaining a few financial skills for the next two years.

It was time for Hussain Sajwani to jump-start his long successful career and he started a catering business that currently operates today as Global Logistics Services. The company has over 200 projects including servicing the U.S military.

In 2002, Hussain Sajwani was busy going about his daily routines when he spotted an opportunity to venture into Dubai’s growing real estate industry. At the time, the industry had slowly started to attract foreign investors, and Sajwani saw it fit to launch DAMAC Properties; currently one of the world’s largest property development companies. Since its inception, the firm has seen through the development of more than 45000 units which continue to grow in number.

Some notable works by DAMAC Properties include Tiger Woods Golf Course that is managed by The Trump Organization, luxury villas designed by Bugatti, luxury apartments with the interior décor styled by high-end Italian fashion houses Fendi and Versace and Paramount Hotels and Resorts developed in partnership with Paramount Pictures. Today, the property development company enjoys market capitalization of a surplus of $ 4.5 billion ranking it as one of the largest growing companies.

Apart from being a business genius having grown two major companies from scratch to global recognition, Hussain Sajwani is also a well-known philanthropist. In 2017, he led the DAMAC Foundation where he stands as chairman to launch the One Million Arab Coders Initiative. The program’s primary objective is to empower and equip one million youth of Arab descent with professional software and technology development skills. It should, in turn, help them build a foundation for their careers. In 2015, the DAMAC owner donated about $272,000 to the “Yemen We Care” charity campaign whose aim was to support the Yemen war victims with basic education and healthcare services.

It just goes to show how important and influential Hussain Sajwani has been throughout his life.

Connect with Sajwani:
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Instagram: instagram.com/hussainsajwani/

OSI Group Embraces Sustainability

OSI Group is the leading supplier of processed foods around the globe. The company leads because of many factors. One of the main factors is the adoption of the latest technologies. The company is willing to take the risk and adopt the latest technologies that are being introduced.

OSI is not only willing to apply the technologies in its work, but also for its suppliers’ needs. In the past one decade, the leadership of OSI Group led by CEO Sheldon Lavin has made an effort to make the business one of the best there is in the world. Sustainability holds the key to the future, and they are ready to ensure that this information is available all the time.

Sheldon Lavin is insisting on sustainability as a key determinant of the directions the company will take. Sustainability is backed up by research and developments efforts. The company has already developed two centers where they are going to carry out the research work. They are trying as much as possible to do things which can transition them from the bottom to the top of the industry. OSI Group is serious with sustainability that they have even created an office that will be dealing with sustainability needs in the company. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company seems to be focused on meeting the goals it has set out to accomplish.

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Sheldon Lavin is in his twilight days in the industry, and he is using this time to set the foundation for future development of the company. As the only remaining director of the company, he wants to leave a great legacy in the company. He is sure that the operations of the company are headed in the right direction, and as long as he can meet the needs of the industry, the growth path of the company will be maintained for a long time.

OSI Group is currently operating in 17 countries. It has built 65 production plants to facilitate the development of the company. The company has a goal of reaching to all corners of the world in the shortest time possible.

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Shiraz Boghani – The Most Competent Hotelier

When it comes to hoteliers, the name of Shiraz Boghani stands out from the crowd. The reason is that he has done a lot of development in the hotel sector. He currently owns more than 19 leading hotels within the United Kingdom. His competence in the hospitality industry has seen him raise ranks over the 3 decades he has been rendering services in this industry.

Mr. Boghani is a profound founding partner and a long-term chair of Sojourn Hotels LLP. He is also a partner of Sussex Health Care Limited and at the same time doubles as a Managing partner and visionary chair of the Splendid Hospitality Group.

Mr. Boghani is a qualified Chartered Accountant of England and Wales who chose to focus on the hotel sector as a way of chasing his passion. As a result, he is considered as one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs known. Back in 2016, Boghani received an honor of the Hotelier of the year award from the Asian Business award. Read more on https://www.hospitalitynet.org/news/4075160.html

He has used his relationship with the most significant founders of and institutions of Europe to gain popularity and reputation. In 1900’s Shiraz Boghani was one of the first hoteliers to introduce hotels with limited service brands in Europe.

Recently, Shiraz Boghani has launched one of his stylish London project in vibrant Backside. He has also added the Grand Hotel & Spa, York, Conrad London St James, and Holiday Inn London to his list of flagship hotels in Europe. He has also bought Mercure Bristol Hotel and the New Ellington in Leeds.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is also a renowned philanthropist who is committed to giving back to the community. He has taken part in many charitable organizations and voluntary services across the world. He supports a charity called Aga Khan Foundation Community which is registered in the United Kingdom. He has also ended different positions in the Ismaili Community and National Conciliation and worked as a chairman of Arbitration board.

In Splendid Group, Mr. Shiraz has provided strategies for business growth and also directed the company to expand and achieve its set goals for growth. In the future, many people will remember him for his hard work and determination.

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