Business and Public Service: The Ingredients of Success for Dick Devos Career

It was the great Nassim Taleb who said that companies who go for government service after their corporate job are more commendable than those who go from service to business. This reasoning comes from the fact that government officials who go to corporate afterward already know the ins and outs of government, which makes them more likely to cheat. I think that Dick Devos’ is a good example of what Nassim Taleb describes to be worthy of recognition.


DeVos worked for his family businesses and other ventures before running for office in 2006. I can feel that DeVos’ desire to offer public service is genuine. This desire also reflects on Devos’ philanthropy work and many of the donations he gave to the arts industry. In fact, $22.5 million dollars were donated to the Kennedy Center Institute for Arts Management just to make sure that nobody in the arts industry is left behind in America’s growth.


Devos has also supported the ArtPrize, an art contest in Grand Rapids that started way back in 2009. I think DeVos understands the importance of art, especially in the times where recession hits so many people, and the gift he gave to the center made a big difference to how the art world pursues radical ideas today. Without this donation, many artists in Michigan would not have gotten the support they needed.



The Flow of DeVos of Work History


Dick DeVos’s career grew at dramatic heights when he worked with Amway Corporation in 1974 and held various division positions since then, including positions in the research and development of the companies, its marketing, sales, manufacturing departments and most importantly finance.


In 1984, DeVos increased its responsibilities by becoming Amway’s vice president, handling operations of various departments in over 18 countries. With Devos’ leadership, the company was able to open numerable markets across the globe and exceed domestic sales for the very first time in the history of Amway’s growth.


Dick Devos’ career also became exposed more in the limelight when he became Orlando Magic’s part owner when their father split the ownership of the company among his children. When Amway was restructured to become Alticor in August of 2002, the company credits DeVos to making a reported sales increase of around $4.5 billion in its growth with the support of 3.5 million contractual or part-time sales people and the help of an e-commerce funnel.


Devos’ career became even more impressive when he signed up to be the president of the Windquest Group, a private investment management company with assets spread in technology, mass-market manufacturing, and many others.


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We Support End Citizens United Because We Should

We support End Citizens United because we believe it is the wise choice for everyone, and we want to see a change in the way that we are electing officials. Big money has become a major problem in Washington, and I want to know that I am doing my part to make the country better for my kids. This article explains how we are supporting this cause, and it shows how we plan to make it easier for people to learn about how big money is corrupting our government.


#1: The Fundraisers


There are many fundraisers that we have helped with in the past, and we all believe that it is much easier to help when they want to get the word out. We want to educate as many people as possible, and we will teach people things that they did not know in the past. I share from social media often, and I hope that there is something to be said for the way we want government to change.


#2: Lobbying Congress


Lobbying Congress is a large part of what we plan to do, and we hope to see them change their minds on campaign finance reform. They must be willing to change the laws, and we must push them until they make the change. The changes that have been made must alter how we pay for each election, and it will prevent money from corrupting government. There are many people who will find it quite easy to use the information they have gained to write to their own congressmen, and we will see change sooner rather than later.


#3: How Does The PAC Raise Awareness?


They are targeting every election to ensure that they are giving a simpler way for someone to be elected. They want people to know that they do not need to be rich to run for office, and they hope to change the perception that one must be rich to run for office in America. I believe that they are on the right track, and I hope that the perception will begin to slip as we work harder every year.


End Citizens United is willing to continue working for as long as possible until they are given a reason to stop. A change in the laws of the land will alter how we have elections, and it will stop people from losing elections because they are not rich. We will take big money out of the government, and we will prove to the people around us that they may support smaller candidates who have a legitimate chance of winning. These people can change life in America, and they will not allow the current corruption we see.

Ricardo Tosto’s Impressionable Skills in the Brazilian Legal System

Ricardo Tosto is a legal attorney working for Tosto, Barros and Leite. He gained fame in the legal community in Brazil after undertaking a mass litigation at his current tenure. Ricardo’s portfolio is extensive and rich with experiences from government posts, politicians, private enterprises, and non-profit groups. Through his current position at Leite, Ricardo helps firms identify their strengths in a litigation case and map out the most suitable procedure to win a lawsuit. Ricardo has become the go-to attorney for all clients looking for legal interventions in commercial affairs.

Ricardo started his career in an average level practice and worked his way with a strategy he calls ‘the good combat’. He has received plenty of mentions from reputable legal platforms in Brazil honoring his integral principal at work. He was the mastermind behind some of Brazil’s high profile cases which became the standard for efficient litigation processes for mainstream legal processions. Ricardo has published his viewpoint on the Brazilian legal field in a several books that students and young professionals in his country refer to for legal guidelines and more information click here.

Brazil began using its current constitution in 1988 but has maintained a culture of borrowing legal facets from the French, Portuguese, and Italian legalities. Brazil’s legal stature is complicated and requires the in-depth understanding by a competent and fast attorney. In most cases, the average Brazilian legal practice will have an overwhelming number of unsolved cases and lawyers struggling to meet the deadlines of the various litigation processes. Ricardo Tosto has proven his competency in various occasions where he managed to go through an entire litigation process smoothly and efficiently to output satisfactory results and what Ricardo knows.

Brazil’s legal system has its core in the Roman legal structure. Since its establishment 30 years ago, there has been a rapid rise in legal practices and schools educating the prospective legal professionals. Brazil currently stands as the biggest democratic Latin America System. Ricardo Tosto is acutely aware of the challenges that law students go through to prove their competency in an overcrowded industry. He encourages young professionals to have a clear concept of their particular legal interests and take realistic steps towards manifesting foreseeable goals.

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Promote Your Abilities and Rephrase Your Liabilities

In an interview placing most of the people experience frightened and inclined. this will be even more so whilst coping with a disability or some other problem areas. human beings who have a disability or injury and who’re being interviewed for a process may be tempted every day talkeveryday negatively approximately liabilities in a choice daily be completely honest. however, even as honesty is sincerely essential i might advise that these problems can be addressed in a exclusive manner.


whilst discussing liabilities day-to-day rephrase it in a more high-quality way. atone for the incapacity and avoid uncomplimentary labels. do not belittle yourself or use ‘put down’ language. The interview placing isn’t always the time everyday be modest but day-to-day the interviewer what you could do.




in place of:… Use:…


pretty experienced – skilled


best element-Time – part-Time


considerably skilled – experienced


reasonably correct At… – able to


some revel in – i have revel in


I assume or accept as true with i’m able to… – i can




keep away from disparaging labels


Say it with everyday language. for example:


“intellectual patient” – I sought assist for emotional problems


“excessive school dropout” – I determined to go away excessive school throughout my senior 12 months.


turn legal responsibility inevery day an asset


perceive the fine result of that revel in. for example:


“due dayeveryday rehabilitation, i am devoted everyday now not the usage of drugs. As a depend of reality, it has put me in a function every day surely recognition on operating and appearing higher than I ever have.”


catch up on the legal responsibility


Describe different abilties or belongings, which counterbalance the deficit. for instance:


“despite the fact that I learn extra slowly than different human beings do, I do not lose interest as easily with habitual tasks. as soon as i’ve discovered the mission, i will do it as nicely or higher than others.”


Deny that the legal responsibility is critical


offer other evidence, which refutes the significance of the deficit. for example:


“even though that is my first complete-time enjoy as a dental help, in my practical reports at faculty i used to be always capable of examine new responsibilities right away.”


compensate for incapacity


instead of lack of experience


“despite the fact that that is my first experience as a dental assistant, in my sensible experiences at faculty i used to be always able to examine new responsibilities speedy.”


in place of “i’ve a criminal back”


“i have experienced a few problems with my again, but it’s far now stable, and through a Rehabilitation program i’m aware about every day manipulate it”




“despite the fact that I do have a lower back condition i’ve good sized knowledge of the transport enterprise and have worked in the location for plenty ears. i’m fully every day the 66b34c3da3a0593bd135e66036f9aef3 running operations of this sort of commercial enterprise.”


as opposed to “I cannot concentrate”


“I do enjoy a few problems specializing in every dayo many stuff at once, however i’m able to use strategies daily cope with this.”




“i have a muscular condition which could cause me everyday get pins and needles on occasioneveryday however…”


EXAMPLES OF DISCLOSURE when making use of FOR A activity


Q: “Do you’ve got any fitness issues?”


possible solutions, for an utility shape:


no longer that would have an effect on my capability day-to-day do the task

i can discuss that at the interview

I formerly had… which i have now recovered from and i do no longer feel that this will affect my paintings overall performance.

i have a medical infection but I feel i’m able to nonetheless be able to do the task as required.

go away it clean and explain verbally in a task interview if required

Do now not say ‘no’ if the answer is ‘sure’


feasible answers, for an software letter:


you can word durations of absence from the staff. This has permit me every day address a… i’m now keen everyday in addition my talents and information on this area and feature demonstrated my reliability and readiness at some point of a current direction at… moreover, i’ve… every day offer the position.

feasible solutions, for an Interview question:

Having experienced… i’ve a better know-how of people and extra insight inevery day others and myself. this can be an advantage in the job.

i’ve had… Do you recognize an awful lot approximately…?

What it approach for me is…

i’ve now moved thru that and am keen every dayeveryday within the staff.

every dayeveryday a… i have had the possibility daily discover many factors of existence. i’m looking ahead day-to-day applying my know-how and talents everyday this position.


i’m hoping that those examples display you approaches in that you experience extra assured approximately your talents and that it’s going to come up with the motivation and mind-set day-to-day day-to-day a successful candidate.

Sawyer Howitt Invests In Excellence

Becoming a professional racquetball player takes a substantial investment of time and energy. To pursue this dream, a well-honed strategy involving physical training, practice, coaching and financing must be developed.

The commitment to consistent, strenuous, physical training is mandatory. Being in top condition is a prerequisite to playing this sport professionally. There must be a determination to consistently press forward towards peak conditioning.

In addition to getting in shape, you will need time on the court to develop, practice and improve your racquetball skills. Moreover, you will need a coach to train, teach and push you in the right direction.

Another consideration is the ability to earn a living while pursuing your professional career. Becoming a coach to someone who could benefit from the skills you have already acquired, may be a means of accomplishing this. Then, as you continue to advance towards becoming a professional athlete, companies may be willing to sponsor you to sell their brand. This would be another way to earn income while pursuing your professional career.

Sawyer Howitt has applied these principles of discipline and determination to both his racquetball and business careers. He has excelled in both venues.

As a student at Lincoln High in Portland, Oregon, he was a member of the racquetball team. He also played for the Racquetball Club of Portland. In 2015 Sawyer Howitt participated in the Oregon High School Racquetball State Championships.

Additionally, he has an impressive business resume. While still in high school, Sawyer Howitt served as a Business Strategy Analyst for RFID Checkout. He currently holds the position of Project Manager at the Meriwether Group.

Sawyer Howitt with his acceptance into the University of California, Berkley, he is sure to further develop his racquetball skills and business acumen.