What To See And Where To Eat Around The Fagali’I Airport

Apia is the capital of Samoa and is located on the island of Fagali’I-Uta. You can get to Apia by boat or by using the nearby Fagali’I Airport. Most people use a taxi to get to and from the airport and there are usually about 30 to 50 of them parked in front of the airport terminal. A number of the hotels also operate shuttle buses for their guests to use as well. The vast majority of people get to Apia by taking an airplane.

Polynesian Airlines mostly flies to America Samoa according to books.google.com. The flights are relatively short and they don’t cost very much – a roundtrip ticket is less than $150. Many of the activities on the island can be walked to although some warrant a taxi ride, especially in the summer when it can be rather hot out. There are a lot of things to see and do once you leave the Fagali’I Airport. There are two museums, the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum and the Museum of Samoa. There is also a popular fish market and tourists like the Vailama Brewery Tour.

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Near the Fagali’I Airport there is a sea wall that people enjoy walking on, although not once it starts getting dark because Apia has an issue with packs of wild dogs. There’s also an underwater park called the Palolo Deep Marine Reserve according to cheapflights.com . It’s by and large a coral gravel with many different types of exotic fish to spot. Turtles show up sometimes also, as well as black tip reef sharks. For those who want to swim you can rent snorkels at the entrance and find out where you can swim.

The area around the Fagali’I Airport also has restaurants for every level of budget. The budget options are very inexpensive, such as Uncle Bills which charges just $3.15 for a great fish & chips dinner, for example. One of the mid-range restaurants is Swashbucklers Restaurant which has fantastic views and really good Sashimi and Poke. For high-end restaurants one of the best is Tu-L-Moana which is a bistro with a bar that often features live acts.

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