Securus Technologies and The Drive and Awards They Received for Their Passion in Civil Justice Implementation

When the society we live in get more complex, advanced and centralized, we face new risks that previously were in the history of time just plain hidden. I believe that we have to always consider the risks, costs, pros and cons of any tech development we have right now. This is the reason why I see it admirable for Securus Technologies to catch up with the advancements in tech, and make sure that its threats and risks are well addressed. In the attempt for Securus Tech to find remedies for these new risks, it is now advancing itself towards developing anti-drone technology that can disrupt third-party drones that hover over prison facilities.


The Danger of Drones


When drones work positively, they’re a fantastic way to get awesome shots of panoramic views. When they’re used for harmful purposes, expect that they can damage the society. Right now, the threats that face Securus Technologies is that the drones from malicious parties hover above prisons and drop off dangerous packages, such as guns, drugs or worse, cell phones. I believe that these are some of the most dangerous items that can get inside such facilities because when the people in prisons have access to these, they can contact people from the outside and cause a significant amount of harm. Illegal contraband right now is some of the most dangerous items that can threaten the stability of any prison, and all the efforts that the government can do should be done to prevent these from happening.


Challenges of Drone Tech


Right now, the anti-drone tech by Securus has already cost a few million dollars just to get them right. Using a digital antenna structure (DAS) system, which is similar to the Wireless Containment Solutions of Securus, the company is able to address these mentioned drone threats. It’s more effective to prevent crimes from happening using such anti-drone tech than dealing with the remedies when the damage already hits. With the series of trial and errors and clinical trials that Securus has set in place, there’s now more stability in the program and issues like hidden risks and costs inherent in a tech that’s still new would not be as pervasive as they were.


The Stevie Awards


We already all know that Securus Technologies remains to be an outstanding tech-enabled solution provider for civil justice programs in the government. Their solutions have all been proven and effective, no doubt about that, but I believe what makes Securus stand out even more, is their 2018 Stevie Awards for outstanding performance in Sales and Customer service. With such awards, it’s easy to see how the company is diligent in providing the best solutions for the country’s justice and security issues today.


The Important Role Of Sheldon Lavin

Who is Sheldon Lavin? Where is he from and what does he do?

Sheldon Lavin is currently the chairman and CEO of OSI Group, but there is much more to the man than that.

Lavin boasts a prestigious educational background. He holds degrees in both accounting and finances, making him an expert when it comes to money. In interviews, Sheldon Lavin has discussed how he learned the tricks of the financial world in school and then he wanted to build companies of his own and make a difference in the world. This was what led him to secure a successful contract with Otto and Sons, and learn more about Lavin.

In fact, Lavin’s lifetime success has been greatly recognized on a national level.

On February 20, 2016, Sheldon Lavin with awarded with the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy. The ceremony took place in India at the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He was awarded for his success at the OSI Group. And under Lavin’s control, OSI has received numerous environmental and sustainability awards as well. OSI operates out of over 16 countries worldwide with over 60 different locations. The company offers custom processing of meat, fruit, and vegetables at over 8 locations in India alone, and

In addition to his work at OSI, Sheldon Lavin is known as a generous philanthropist, donating large sums of money to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He sits on the board of Northeast Bank and constantly looks for ways to give back to the community, and contact him.

In an interview with Inspirery, Sheldon Lavin says that even though he was unsure of his abilities and nervous at first, it was relying on his knowledge and instincts that helped guide him toward success.

And his success with OSI has been unprecedented.

The small, humble food group has risen to a multi-million dollar business under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, and resume him.

Doe Deere Follows Her Dreams

Doe Deere is the opposite of “vanilla” and loves color. The brighter and bolder the better. Deere always has been ambitions and creative with an entrepreneurial mind. She created Lime Crime when she couldn’t find the kind of makeup that could keep up with her personality. She wasn’t always on the path to launch her very own makeup company, but it was written in the stars, and the rest is history.


Deere started out designing her own clothing line, and she even modeled her creative pieces online. She wanted to compliment her clothing with makeup that was just as bright, but she could not find what she was looking for, so she set out to create her own. People took notice and liked the look, and she discovered that there was a demand for makeup that stood out and that could reflect their true personalities. Deere went with it and began to create makeup for Lime Crime.


Deere loves animals, and all of her products are cruelty-free and continue to be made cruelty free. They are also made with vegan ingredients as well. Deere chose the unicorn to represent her company because it represents so many things such as compassion, kindness, beauty, and individuality. Purple is the color of choice because it represents creativity. Lime Crime products are available online and in retail stores all over the world.


Deere has become very popular and has spoken at PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour as a strong female entrepreneur. Deere has a lot of great advise for those who want to pursue their own dreams and aren’t going to stop until they reach their goals.


Deere’s secret to success? Deere believes that in order to be successful you need to offer something that is not already available on the market. It is also important to follow your dreams. Lime Crime makes it possible to have fun and to be beautiful while you express yourself and represent all the beautiful layers that make up your unique personality.


Deere loves to spread the love, and she is a big supporter of many well-meaning organizations such as HOLA for kids, Bideawee animal shelter, Red Cross, and many others. She especially likes to support charities that are helping women, children, and animals.


Deere is always coming up with new and exciting ideas to incorporate into her business and makeup line, and she creates palettes that are unique and never-before-seen in the makeup and hair dye world. Deere has never been afraid take a risk and it has served her well. Her makeup is all the rage, and her hair dyes are freeing and a fun way to change your look without committing to permanently bold color since they are semi-permanent and will gradually fade out.


Lime Crime has liners, lipsticks, hair dyes, nail polish, and lip colors galore and they are anything but dull. Lime Crime makeup is as bright as the name implies and is a super fun and exciting way to express yourself.


Visit to learn more.

Tony Petrello The Philanthropist

Tony Petrello’s original home is in Newark, New Jersey where he was born. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from Havard and BSc. and a Masters Degree in mathematics from Yale University.

Petrello resigned from his job in New York and moved to Houston, Texas where he later became the founder of Nabors industries in 1991. This company is the largest drilling contractor not only in the US but also worldwide. Tony Petrello gets hired by companies to drill oil. He is married to Cynthia, and they have a daughter named Carena.

A Philanthropic Soul

Although many executives are known to be mean and greedy, Tony is the complete opposite. This executive is known in Houston for his philanthropic acts. Before he even became the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, he had was known as a caring man. Tony’s philanthropic deeds have continued to increase, especially after his daughter was born prematurely.

Looking for a Cure for Their Daughter

Tony Petrello’s daughter, Carena, got diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), a disorder that affects a baby’s ability to eat, walk, and speak. Carena is Tony and Cynthia’s biggest motivation when it comes to donating money for research. They hope to eventually find a cure for her. Carena’s positive attitude and kindness towards everyone is what inspires her parents even more. This is despite the fact that she is suffering from PVL.

Once they discovered Texas Children’s Hospital, a research facility right in their town, Tony and his wife decided to have their daughter treated there. The doctors at this hospital have devoted their efforts to helping Carena. They examine her on a daily basis trying to come up with a cure for her condition. Apart from the donations that Petrello’s family makes, they invite anyone to make theirs to the Jan and Duncan Neurological Research Institute.

Yale University Donation

While attending Yale University, Tony Petrello met with professor Serge Lang, who was new. They quickly became friends. Unfortunately, the professor passed on and while attending the memorial ceremony, Tony announced that he would donate $150,000 to start a fund in memory of Serge Lang. Many former Yale graduates also pledged to make their donations.

Hurricane Harvey

When hurricane Harvey hit some parts of Texas in 2017, Nabors Industries was at the forefront to help the victims. He allowed his employees to have a paid period off work to help those affected. Tony matched the donations his employees made too. Ten percent of his employees were affected by hurricane Harvey. His company used its on-site kitchen to prepare food for the victims, besides helping them with donations.

Tony has made a name for being a philanthropist who gives without expecting anything in return. He has taken social responsibility to another level.