Securus Technologies and The Drive and Awards They Received for Their Passion in Civil Justice Implementation

When the society we live in get more complex, advanced and centralized, we face new risks that previously were in the history of time just plain hidden. I believe that we have to always consider the risks, costs, pros and cons of any tech development we have right now. This is the reason why I see it admirable for Securus Technologies to catch up with the advancements in tech, and make sure that its threats and risks are well addressed. In the attempt for Securus Tech to find remedies for these new risks, it is now advancing itself towards developing anti-drone technology that can disrupt third-party drones that hover over prison facilities.


The Danger of Drones


When drones work positively, they’re a fantastic way to get awesome shots of panoramic views. When they’re used for harmful purposes, expect that they can damage the society. Right now, the threats that face Securus Technologies is that the drones from malicious parties hover above prisons and drop off dangerous packages, such as guns, drugs or worse, cell phones. I believe that these are some of the most dangerous items that can get inside such facilities because when the people in prisons have access to these, they can contact people from the outside and cause a significant amount of harm. Illegal contraband right now is some of the most dangerous items that can threaten the stability of any prison, and all the efforts that the government can do should be done to prevent these from happening.


Challenges of Drone Tech


Right now, the anti-drone tech by Securus has already cost a few million dollars just to get them right. Using a digital antenna structure (DAS) system, which is similar to the Wireless Containment Solutions of Securus, the company is able to address these mentioned drone threats. It’s more effective to prevent crimes from happening using such anti-drone tech than dealing with the remedies when the damage already hits. With the series of trial and errors and clinical trials that Securus has set in place, there’s now more stability in the program and issues like hidden risks and costs inherent in a tech that’s still new would not be as pervasive as they were.


The Stevie Awards


We already all know that Securus Technologies remains to be an outstanding tech-enabled solution provider for civil justice programs in the government. Their solutions have all been proven and effective, no doubt about that, but I believe what makes Securus stand out even more, is their 2018 Stevie Awards for outstanding performance in Sales and Customer service. With such awards, it’s easy to see how the company is diligent in providing the best solutions for the country’s justice and security issues today.


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