Penelope Kokkinides’s Meeeting About InnovaCare Health

Penelope Kokkinides is one of the leading executives of the major healthcare company, InnovaCare Health. Her role as chief administrative officer is making sure the company’s healthcare serves are being executed properly across the North American continent. Because of career success and work for the company, she was invited to the White House to be apart of a panel of successful businesswomen. Of course, she was honored but took the opportunity to voice her concern to the president about Puerto Rico’s lack of funding. She pointed out how the island’s measly funding compared to the other states is a stark contrast. She pointed out how her company is doing their best job helping the people of Puerto Rico but with more funding, the people of the island would benefit even more.


InnovaCare Health is the largest healthcare company working to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. The company has set up clinics in shopping malls where retail stores use to be. These clinics are a place of harboring for hurt victims. Physical and diagnoses of diseases are done here by trained professionals. These places of relief are not only for the physical body. But the makeshift medical clinics are also places where island inhabitants get a chance to take care of their mental and emotional health. When disasters like Hurricane Maria strike, depression and stress obviously rise. The company has a staff of mental health professionals to help patients facing these mental issues.


InnovaCare Health has many services they are offering the people affected by Hurricane Maria. The company has an outreach program that has professionals go out to resident’s homes to care for the sick and elderly. These teams of professionals supply the sick and elderly with items they are in need of, especially medicines and treatments to help their mental health. Over twenty five thousand people have visited InnovaCare’s clinics. Physicians and physician specialists see patients and complete a physical for patients. Afterwards, they diagnose the patient prescribe the right type of treatments and medicines. An on-site pharmacist is always available to make sure patients are getting their correct medicines. The company works to help patients achieve long-term goals of exiting an impoverished life and having stable housing and transportation.


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