Rocketship Education CEO Builds A Brighter Future For Students

In 2005, California public school teachers, Preston Smith and John Danner had become unhappy with the stagnation of the education system in the state. By 2006, the educators had found a Church hall in San Jose, California where they could open the doors to their Rocketship Education charter school developed to provide a better standard of learning for students from economically-challenged families. The status of San Jose as the doorway to the U.S. for immigrant families made this the perfect location for establishing a charter school focused on providing success for all, regardless of background.

Over the course of a decade, Rocketship Education has expanded across the U.S. and built a reputation for academic achievement. An NPR blog looked to find fault with the charter school system prompting a response from Rocketship founder and CEO, Preston Smith. The CEO detailed his own response to a number of supposed faults, including students spending around 80 minutes per day using technology. Smith argues the digital world we live in requires an understanding of technology and requires the school system evolve. The quality of software should also be discussed, with Rocketship Education limiting students to five proven educational programs throughout each school day.

Preston Smith believes the management of students within each classroom has always been an issue educators face. Training should always be provided for newly-qualified educators to ensure the quality of teaching for students is not harmed by poor classroom management. Developing clear policies for restroom breaks and quiet times aids each educator in assisting as many students as possible.

Rocketship Education acknowledges the use of non-certified tutors for individual students to benefit from. Despite creating smaller class sizes through the use of charter school status, Rocketship Education believes individual assistance for students should always be available. Preston Smith points to the use of non-certified staff in public and private schools as a sign this is the norm in modern education in the 21st-century.

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