Don’t Sleep On Betsy DeVos

Keep a careful eye on Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Many believe that she is polite in public but that is putting it kindly. It would be reasonable to say that she’s been downright clueless in her public life during her tenure in the Trump Administration. But it seems to be all a ruse in order to keep attention away.


The little blonde woman from Michigan is quite a fighter behind closed doors. She fought the president when he went to dismantle an Obama-era rule that protected transgender students in public schools. The rule, which has now been abolished, allowed students to use bathrooms of their desired gender in public schools. Betsy DeVos fought Donald Trump fiercely over the pullback of the regulation, and her efforts were witnessed by an aide. Betsy and that aid then went to a representative for gay, lesbian and transgender students to explain her private battle.


Then she went out into the world to support Donald Trump and his decision to pull back the regulation. She was then caught on camera saying that the original regulation was an example of Obama abusing his executive powers. She fell right in line publicly while fighting privately.


This behavior belies her history as a fierce politician back in her home state of Michigan. Anybody that knew her would tell you that she was incredibly intimidating and would use powerful tactics to get what she wants. But now she may feel as if she’s a big fish in a big pond. Her tactic now seems to be fading into the background as the Trump Administration is mired in controversy.


This may allow her to advance her agenda. After all, in a recent interview, she has said that more communities are allowing school choice. Her dream for America is that every family has the power to choose the school their child attends. The federal government would issue families vouchers which they could then put towards public or private schools. This would essentially funnel federal tax money to private schools in an effort to bring capitalism to the “closed” system of education in our country.


And she’s slowly warming the country up to the idea. She just visited Pit Bull down in Miami. She brushed off questions from the media concerning the rapper’s misogynistic lyrics as she toured his private school in South Florida. Her appearance with the pop star may go a long way.


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