Victoria Doramus Works Hard To Improve Her Life And The Lives Of Others

Victoria Doramus is an entrepreneur, print and digital media pro, and marketer who also serves as a philanthropist. She has worked with many well known companies and always finds innovative ways to use her skills in a spread of different industries. She worked with Peter Berg as his personal assistant and also served at Mindshare and Trendera. Doramus studied at the University of Colorado – Boulder and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and mass communication during her time there.

Victoria Doramus has discovered that she has a passion for helping others to succeed in life. She also loves animals and does everything in her power to make their time on this Earth better. Doramus has supported many different charitable organizations, and some of these include the Best Friends Animal Society, Room to Read, and the Women’s Prison Association. She is a believer that everyone deserves a second chance and tries to be there for others at the lowest times of their life.

During a recent interview, Victoria Doramus was asked to talk about one habit of hers that makes her a more productive entrepreneur, and she answered by talking about her handwritten to-do list. Doramus takes her to do list with her everywhere she goes, and it includes all of the stuff she needs to do the next day. Rather than writing her to do list on the computer or another digital device, she prefers to write it out by hand. She admitted that this helps her to easily cross the list off as she gets things done and that this helps to make her feel calmer.

Victoria Doramus believes that everyone fails from time to time but that the best way to approach failure is to learn from it. She understands that learning to take responsibility for her actions when failure takes place has changed her life and helped her to get ahead. She feels like this is a skill that is worth learning but that it takes a lot of time and work. Looking ahead, Victoria Doramus plans on continuing to serve others and to work hard to become the best version of herself.

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