Ryan Seacrest’s Energetic Schedule and Workout Routine

A workout routine can be very important and crucial for your day-to-day energy levels and productivity. One of the most successful show hosts of America, Ryan Seacrest, knows this very well.

Ryan is the host of popular shows such as “Live” with Kelly and Ryan and “American Idol” and one of the most successful individuals in his career, having one of the highest salaries of any American host.

Having lived in Los Angeles for such a long time, it was time, in 2017, for Ryan to move to New York where it would be a better location for him to start hosting the show “Live” with Kelly Ripa. However, Ryan has a multitude of other jobs, having produced TV series such as the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “American Idol,” “On Air” and also having his own foundation (the Ryan Seacrest Foundation) and two brands. With such a wide variety of roles, Ryan talks about his daily schedule, habits and how does he juggle all of this while also having time to rest and workout.

Ryan Seacrest has an intense workout routine and exercising regularly has been an essential part of his life since he was in his 20’s. Since then, his life has gotten a lot more crowded with shows and his celebrity lifestyle. However, Ryan admits that his workout routine is an integral part of his day.

First, as per the Business of Fashion, Ryan wakes up at 6 o’clock and prepares himself for the day to come. With a quick bath & dress, Ryan Seacrest, a fashion line creator, prepares his coffee and a matcha tea to improve his alertness so that he can have the necessary energy levels and willpower to proceed with all of the phone calls, trips across the city and networking that he has to do on a daily basis.

Ryan Seacrest has his own personal trainer, Hernan Santa, who has helped him with his workout routine. Ryan enjoys the intense workout and jogging in the park as well. He thinks it is crucial to do outdoor exercise as well.

Being the famous host of American Idol since 2002 and the self-released On-Air program in 2004, Ryan Seacrest has adopted a series of healthy habits to stay productive and alert, such as not bringing his cell phone with him sometimes.

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