DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Journey to Success

Success in business is dependent on several factors among them determination, passion and perseverance. The same applies for Husssin Sajwani, Founder and Owner of DAMAC, a global real estate development company. He poses as a great visionary and fantastic leader and businessman. He is often listed among the 100 topmost influential Arabs. This is due to the tremendous success of DAMAC Properties and his other businesses. He is listed as the umber 10 richest Arab, who is ever in the lookout to extend his business presence throughout Asia.

Before the success of DAMAC, bringing him to the center of international fame as a successful businessman, Hussain Sajwani had spent most of childhood helping his father in his watch shop. He was influential in making his family business prosper. He has admitted on several occasions that the experience he acquired at his family business was very influential in plummeting him into his own business. He also admits that he has ever been a risk taker who is out to look for new business opportunities.

Hussain Sajwani was lucky to have gotten a scholarship to study Economics and Industrial Engineering in the University of Washington. While studying in the US, he made most of his money selling timeshare apartments. After graduation, Mr. Sajwani realized he had the potential to take a step and earn money by himself.

However, before taking such a big step, real estate developer Sajwani decided to work with a large company in order to gain the necessary experience. Later on, he decided to venture it out on his own and taste the waters. It all turned out to be the best decision he ever made. In 1982, he opened a catering firm. The business picked quickly and became a market leader, serving approximately 150000 meals a day. The business currently operates in multiple markets in the Middle East, Africa and other Commonwealth Countries.

Being a risk taker and a man who identifiers opportunities, he saw potential in the real estate world and decided to be part of it. He started small, only developing small hotels. With time, his business grew and stamped itself as a major player in real estate development, developing many important towers in Dubai. DAMAC was founded in the 2000s when Dubai opened its space for real estate market.

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