Contributions of Peter Briger in Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger has achieved tremendously in both leadership and professional fields. Peter also aims at giving back to society by helping various charity organizations. He is part of leaders in numerous philanthropic organizations committee such as Silicon Valley council that is entrusted with global children funds. Silicon council ensures that the charity funds are used in the right way by the right people. He also contributes money and devotes his time to organized charity events. Learn more about Peter Briger at

Peter Briger has worked in top executive levels for various organizations including; Goldman Sachs, where he was a partner for about 15 years. While working for Goldman Sachs, Peter attended various committees in Asia, Japan, and even the Global Control and Compliance Committee from where he gained more leadership experiences. Peter Briger currently holds a position as the Co-Chairman of the board of directors at Fortress Investment Company. He was promoted to this rank after being a member of the board for three years since 2006. He had also worked for the same company as a member of the management committee that consisted of around 300 people whose responsibility was to oversee the investments rating for the entire organization. Fortress Investment group a private investment company dealing with the investment of both individual and institutional investors is estimated to have a net income of over US$ 100 million. Fortress investment group has more than a billion assets under its management hence making it among the top investment companies in the US.

Peter Briger being part of the top executive he plays a significant role in ensuring that the company is successful and that all their clients are satisfied with the company’s services. Briger is a qualified and trained professional with BA and MBA attained from Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of business. His extensive connections in other boards, enables him to extend and expound his services to other organizations efficiently.

Peter Briger has devoted his skills to improving the relationship between organizations and the customers. He is among the top 400 business professionals in the United States according to Forbes report.

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