Benefits of Organo Gold

The quest for healthy living has driven many companies to tap into the popularity of coffee by incorporating ingredients that have health benefits. One such group of elements is compounds extracted from Ganoderma lucidum; a medicinal mushroom which has been used in various communities especially among the Chinese for centuries due to its numerous health benefits. Its incorporation in Organo Gold coffee products ensures that consumers of the coffee brand enjoy a wide variety of health benefits.

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Prevention of cancer: Ganoderma lucidum mushroom used in making Organo Gold coffee have compounds that boost immune cells and increase their cancer prevention capabilities. The compounds also hasten the death of cancerous cells by inhibiting supply nutrients to the cells.

Supporting immune system: The compounds found in Organo Gold coffee have immune system boosting capabilities including increasing the CD8 count and improving the levels of antioxidants which are some of the primary immune cells responsible for fighting and destroying pathogens including tumors in the body. Additionally, the compounds promote the maturation of macrophages by the body thereby helping in fighting diseases of bronchitis.

Burning of excess body fats: Organo Gold coffee increases metabolism rate through increased oxygenation. An increase in metabolic rate and oxygenation increases the body’s ability to burn excess fat thereby reducing the chances of being overweight or obese.

The compounds found in Ganoderma lucidum mushroom used in making Organo Gold coffee have stress relieving properties.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases: Compounds found in Ganoderma lucidum mushroom can increase blood flow in the body which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and angina.

The mushrooming of coffee shops in small and big towns is a testimony to its popularity as a multifunctional beverage. Coffee is a social beverage which can be brewed in different ways, using different ingredients to achieve the desired goal.

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DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Journey to Success

Success in business is dependent on several factors among them determination, passion and perseverance. The same applies for Husssin Sajwani, Founder and Owner of DAMAC, a global real estate development company. He poses as a great visionary and fantastic leader and businessman. He is often listed among the 100 topmost influential Arabs. This is due to the tremendous success of DAMAC Properties and his other businesses. He is listed as the umber 10 richest Arab, who is ever in the lookout to extend his business presence throughout Asia.

Before the success of DAMAC, bringing him to the center of international fame as a successful businessman, Hussain Sajwani had spent most of childhood helping his father in his watch shop. He was influential in making his family business prosper. He has admitted on several occasions that the experience he acquired at his family business was very influential in plummeting him into his own business. He also admits that he has ever been a risk taker who is out to look for new business opportunities.

Hussain Sajwani was lucky to have gotten a scholarship to study Economics and Industrial Engineering in the University of Washington. While studying in the US, he made most of his money selling timeshare apartments. After graduation, Mr. Sajwani realized he had the potential to take a step and earn money by himself.

However, before taking such a big step, real estate developer Sajwani decided to work with a large company in order to gain the necessary experience. Later on, he decided to venture it out on his own and taste the waters. It all turned out to be the best decision he ever made. In 1982, he opened a catering firm. The business picked quickly and became a market leader, serving approximately 150000 meals a day. The business currently operates in multiple markets in the Middle East, Africa and other Commonwealth Countries.

Being a risk taker and a man who identifiers opportunities, he saw potential in the real estate world and decided to be part of it. He started small, only developing small hotels. With time, his business grew and stamped itself as a major player in real estate development, developing many important towers in Dubai. DAMAC was founded in the 2000s when Dubai opened its space for real estate market.

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Ryan Seacrest’s Energetic Schedule and Workout Routine

A workout routine can be very important and crucial for your day-to-day energy levels and productivity. One of the most successful show hosts of America, Ryan Seacrest, knows this very well.

Ryan is the host of popular shows such as “Live” with Kelly and Ryan and “American Idol” and one of the most successful individuals in his career, having one of the highest salaries of any American host.

Having lived in Los Angeles for such a long time, it was time, in 2017, for Ryan to move to New York where it would be a better location for him to start hosting the show “Live” with Kelly Ripa. However, Ryan has a multitude of other jobs, having produced TV series such as the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” “American Idol,” “On Air” and also having his own foundation (the Ryan Seacrest Foundation) and two brands. With such a wide variety of roles, Ryan talks about his daily schedule, habits and how does he juggle all of this while also having time to rest and workout.

Ryan Seacrest has an intense workout routine and exercising regularly has been an essential part of his life since he was in his 20’s. Since then, his life has gotten a lot more crowded with shows and his celebrity lifestyle. However, Ryan admits that his workout routine is an integral part of his day.

First, as per the Business of Fashion, Ryan wakes up at 6 o’clock and prepares himself for the day to come. With a quick bath & dress, Ryan Seacrest, a fashion line creator, prepares his coffee and a matcha tea to improve his alertness so that he can have the necessary energy levels and willpower to proceed with all of the phone calls, trips across the city and networking that he has to do on a daily basis.

Ryan Seacrest has his own personal trainer, Hernan Santa, who has helped him with his workout routine. Ryan enjoys the intense workout and jogging in the park as well. He thinks it is crucial to do outdoor exercise as well.

Being the famous host of American Idol since 2002 and the self-released On-Air program in 2004, Ryan Seacrest has adopted a series of healthy habits to stay productive and alert, such as not bringing his cell phone with him sometimes.

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How Alastair Borthwick Served Valiantly In World War 2

Alastair Borthwick was an author and broadcaster who was born in Rutherglen, Scotland. He was born on February 17, 1913, and he was a student at Glasgow High School after his family moved to Glasgow to find work. He left school when he was 16, though, and joined the Evening Times where he was a copytaker. He used this experience to get a job at the Glasgow Weekly Herald which had just five staff members including him.

At the Glasgow Weekly Herald, Alastair Borthwick was an author and wrote about many topics. He also completed both the women’s and children’s sections of this newspaper and created its crossword puzzles. One of his most popular columns was called Open Air. He wrote about outdoor activities including rock climbing which was becoming increasingly popular at the time. He also wrote about hitchhiking across Scotland and camping in caves. These types of stories were also written about in the first book he wrote in 1939, Always a Little Further.

Alastair Borthwick served in World War 2. He was in the British Army and served in Western Europe, Sicily, and North Africa. He started out as a private and was slated to be a commissioned second lieutenant but for reasons unknown that didn’t happen. In 1941 he became a lance-corporal and served as the intelligence officer for a battalion. He became a captain and then a lieutenant.

His largest feat in World War 2 came in October 1944. He was leading a battalion of 600 soldiers behind enemy lines without any map because all the ones they had were inaccurate. When the German army got up the next morning they discovered that his battalion had dug in right behind them.

He wrote his second book after the war was finished. Alastair Borthwick wrote Sans Peur which is the French word for a battalion. He wrote about the regiment he served in during the war and unlike just about every other book it was from the eyes of a junior officer rather than a retired general or a committee. He spent the rest of his career as a broadcaster on the radio and television.

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Alex Hern on What Makes Him Succesful

Alex Hern is founder and CEO of Tsunami XR a software company specializing in digital meeting platforms and 3D animation and visualization solutions. Hern is an entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to helping early stage companies especially those involved in budding technologies. He has been involved in founding numerous technology companies involved in an wide range of different technologies. He was co founder of Inktomi which developed the search technology for MSN, Yahoo and AOL, Yesmail which specialized in email marketing, Arcsight a cyber security company and CloudShield a network security company.

Alex Hern has the experience and expertise needed to flourish in the fast paced technology sector. Alex Hern mentions his focus as the driving force behind his success. He spends four to five hours each day focused on the one goal that he believes will help Tsunami XR to move forward. While his days may be spent focusing on a single goal his nights are spent contemplating and coming up with new ideas and concepts. Alex Hern states that “multitasking is unproductive”.

In order to keep himself on track he maintains a sharp level of focus on his long term goals, waking up early each day and keeping to a consistent routine. He advises fellow entrepreneurs to slow down and make the right decision to meet long term goals. As any good innovator will say, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but learning from those mistakes is the key to growth and success. Hern created Tsunami XR when he recognized the shift from CPU to GPU driven computing. He uses his experience, focus and expertise to continue innovating and bringing new technology to the forefront. As his favorite quote from Winston Churchill states “Success it not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Stream Energy Launches New Philanthropic Foundation

There is no company quite as unique as Stream Energy. The company model is simple enough: Stream associates are essentially their own boss. The associates build a client base and offer Stream services, which are not just energy services. Stream offers communications services, home security, and a program where doctors can make virtual housecalls along with offering traditional energy services.

One thing that Stream Energy does that sets them apart from other energy companies is their long line of humanitarian efforts in regards to the people of Dallas and surrounding areas. Stream Energy staff and associates all have a strong background in lending a hand to humanitarian efforts. The energy company recently announced a organization to house all of Stream’s extracurricular efforts.

Stream Cares has been established earlier this year to help staff coordinate charity efforts and also see what has been accomplished by staff for the year. Through Stream Cares staff has strengthened their long term association with both the Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. Stream Cares also works closely with Hope Supply Company, a Dallas organization the works to supply homeless children with clothes, school supplies, and baby items. Recently, Stream Cares and Hope Supply Company paid for a day of fun and food for 1,000 homeless children at their annual “Slash For Hope” event.

Stream Cares has also been working with Operation Once In A Lifetime to provide military veterans and their families with emotional and financial support. Together, these organizations offered a Christmas holiday meal and special children’s event for the Christmas season. Many Stream cares volunteers not 9nly raise the money for these events, but spend time doing the volunteers work with children and families.

When a group of tornadoes touched down the day after Christmas in 2016 around northern Texas. The Stream Energy staff kicked their humanitarian efforts into high gear raising thousands of dollars for those families and businesses who have lost their properties. Stream staff truly care for their neighbor. To read more about Stream Cares, please click here.

Adam Milstein Promotes the Israeli Culture

Humans are present all over the globe. However, they are not that similar since everyone has a different culture and religion. Well, people from different places also interact and move from one place to another. A suitable example is Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American. As a man who was born in Israel, he decided to migrate to America. Many Israelis’ have also followed suit. With that as the case, Adam Milstein is passionate about the Israeli culture, and he has even founded an organization known as the Israeli-American Council. The organization is bound to promote the Israeli culture since many immigrants are moving to America annually.

Background Check

Adam Milstein is of Israeli origin; however, at the age of 37, he decided to relocate to the United States maybe to look for greener pastures. To be specific, he was pursuing an MBA in one of the prestigious universities in the US. Thereafter, he decided to try out the real estate sector, and that is how Hager Pacific Properties came into being. Far from that, Mr. Milstein is dedicated to philanthropy by participating in various charitable causes that somewhat pledge their support to the people of Israel who have settled in America.

Since Mr. Milstein is among the Israeli’s who have been able to prosper while in America, he decided to come up with the Israeli-American Council. The organization is dedicated to giving back to the Israeli community. Because the Israeli-American Council is the first organization of its kind in America, their efforts in supporting the Israeli community in the United States of America have come in handy over the years.

Additional Information

Adam Milstein sheds light on the fact that Israeli-Americans are better suited towards supporting their fellow Israeli counterparts in America. In such a case, the Israeli citizens will dedicate a lot towards wholeheartedly engaging their fellow Israeli-Americans. Keeping in mind that Israel is more of a war zone, the Israeli immigrants relocating to America is rising, and they need someone who will be there to help them out in their time of need; for instance when it comes to settling down in America and maybe getting a formal education.

Jeunesse, Zen Bodi, the Best Nutritional Supplement in Weight Management in the Industry

Weight management is one of the most significant challenges that is facing people in the contemporary society today. The food products that people have been consuming are full of carbohydrates that have been making a substantial number of individuals to have excess fats, especially on different parts of their body and lower belly. Developed countries have a large number of people with excessive weight some of which has led to obese levels that are dangerous. There is an emergence of products that are used to manage the weight of individuals. However, some of the products are not reliable as they have not shown any solution to individuals experiencing excessive weight.


However, Jeunesse is changing the market and the notion that all weight management products are not reliable. Jeunesse has developed Zen Bodi, a product that has been formulated through innovative technologies that enhance is a performance unlike other products in the same industry. If you have experienced the challenge of cutting excess fats around your belly, this is the product that will offer a quick solution to your prevailing problem. You can manage your weight through a product that has proven consistency in some cases as it has been established through the industry.


People don’t want only to manage their weight, but they also want to build muscles so that they can have a lean boy. Cutting weight and burning fats cannot prove to be a natural process as Zen Bodi has proved it. This is a comprehensive product that offers the best solution to weight management and burning of fats. The product has an increased number of proteins which are essential in weight management program. Proteins have been known to be essential supplements in enhancing the body after reducing your weight.


About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a multinational corporation that manufactures and sells skin care and nutritional supplements. The organization was found in 1990 by the Wendy family after retirement where they invested their retirement benefits in a corporation that offers some of the critical challenges facing human beings in developed and developing organizations. The entity has significantly grown and currently has operational offices in thirty countries which have staff and other necessary departments.

Facts You Should Know about Dr. Mark Mckenna

Mark McKenna pursed his degree of medicine and surgery at the university level. Immediately he was over with his degree, Dr. Mark McKenna established McKenna Venture Investments, a development firm dealing in boutique varieties of both ladies and gentlemen as well as familiarizing with medicine as he worked very closely with his father who specialized in the medical field.

McKenna established Health company, which was a medical and aesthetic based wellness company in November 2007, which he gave at a cost to Life Time Fitness (LFT) after seven years of its establishment. However, he worked as a medical director nationally in LFT for two years.

Despite that Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor by profession, his desire to make a lot of money and achieve his goals in life could not be fulfilled in the medical field. He wanted to be an innovator and a maverick. This attracted him to work as an entrepreneur in different business set up. His hard work, commitment, passion for business and knowledge in this field has led to growth and domination of every company he starts.

McKenna role in the medical industry for more than ten years gave him the idea of establishing OVME. OVME is a technology endorsed company, which provides high-quality services in line with healthcare aesthetic services to consumers. The company offers various services such as weight loss peels or injections and facial improvements services. OVME cosmetics is a source of Dr. Mark McKenna quality surgery as they are convenient and well versed in the digital technology and more of customer focused. OVME Company has online platforms where clients book appointments and have a glimpse of the company. Clients browse using the OVME app and request the services they are in need of. The OVME, in turn, delivers the services immediately to their place of residence.

Currently, Dr. Mark McKenna is a well-known millionaire and entrepreneur with a lot of experiences, which can be of help to many people. In OVME, McKenna has lots of experienced online doctors who can answer the patient’s questions and provide the best services to improve their health.

The Role of Sahm Adrangi in Research

Sahm Adrangi is a familiar name in the field of publishing financial information regarding various companies across the globe. He is also the founder as well as Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. When launching the company back in 2009, it was operating under $ one million, but currently, it is estimated to be over $150 million as at July 2017. Through his expertise and experience, Sahm Adrangi has been able to change the operations of Kerrisdale Capital Management and enable it to become one of the leading organization. Rather than managing an organization, Sahm is also involved in short selling and publishing research materials.

The impact of Sahm Adrangi has in the world of business is immense making it possible for investors to do sound business. Some of the crucial topics that he publishes on include the stocks, overhyped shorts and under-followed longs that are misunderstood by the players of the market. The main aim of the short publishes researches are to collect the misconceptions that are broadly held by individuals about the companies underlying business. Sahm uses various platforms such as Twitter, website and other third-party investing sites. As a result, Sahm is in a position to reach many potential investors who are misinformed regarding the various investment companies.

One of the reasons that have made Adrangi make a name for himself is the recent research he did on exposing some of the fraudulent Chinese companies such as China Marine Food Group and China-Biotics Lihua among others. Some of the companies exposed by Adrangi such as the ChinaCast Education Corp and China Education Alliance have been subjected to investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. For the case of Sahm Adrangi, he mainly focuses his research on the specific sectors such as biotechnology. Some of the companies that Adrangi has researched on include Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, Pulse Biosciences, Zafgen, and others. In another sector that Sahm Adrangi has researched on the mining where he questions the mining prospects of First Majestic Silver as well as Northern Dynasty Minerals. During his research, he does not hesitate to expose the weakness of various institutions such as the Globalstar new Terrestrial Low Power service.