GreenSky Plays At Red Rocks After Releasing Their New Album

GreenSky is an American bluegrass band that was founded in the mid-2000’s. The band is from Kalamazoo, Michigan with them embodying many of the styles and charms of other Great Lake area bluegrass bands.

The band originally consisted of three members with Michael Arlen Bont on the banjo, Dave Bruzza on the guitar, and Paul Hoffman on the mandolin. The band has gone through a number of lineups with Chris Carr and Al Bates for the release of their first studio album Less than Supper released in 2004. The band added classical cellist Michael Devol the same year.

The band has since gone onto release seven albums including live albums and one double release. GreenSky has a long history of them playing at bluegrass festivals with them winning the competition at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. This is one of the largest bluegrass festivals in the country with the win propelling them to fame in the bluegrass world.

GreenSky has played with some notable musicians. This includes Phil Lesh who was the bassist for the Grateful Dead with him being credited for their unique jam style.

The band has also played with Bill Kreutzman & Papa Mali, Cornmeal, Larry Keel, Railroad Earth, and Sam Bush.

The bad recently played a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. This theater has features some of the most popular bluegrass bands with the move representing GreenSky’s move into the category of staple bluegrass musicians. The bend played with the California Honeydrops who they have an established touring relationship with.

GreenSky released their latest studio album Shouted, Written Down & Quoted in 2016. The album was produced with Steve Berlin who is known for playing with the band Los Lobos. Los Lobos is known for their use of a variety of instruments and a mixture of styles. This album represents GreenSky’s continued evolution as a band.!/media

Desiree Perez: An Outstanding Woman in the Music Industry

Music is phenomenal, and it is not just about how it sounds. Today, the entertainment industry is quite lucrative, and the better the strategy, the more the returns. Women have become an influential part of the music business, and among those doing excellent work in the industry is Desiree Perez. She also goes by the alias Des Perez.

When most people hear of Roc Nation, the first thing that comes to their minds is Jay-Z, the Hip Hop mogul. What most don’t know is that behind the label’s success is Desiree Perez. The 47-year-old is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Roc Nation. She has been a close colleague to Jay-Z for about 20 years, and she has been running the SC Enterprises for quite a while. She, however, took up the COO position in 2009.

Des Perez has worked her way up in the industry, and she has gained recognition from the way she crunches numbers and negotiates deals. Her negotiation expertise was evident after Sprint’s $200 million investment in TIDAL. This deal proved worthwhile after Jay-Z released the album 4:44 in 2017, which went platinum before its official release, and follow her Twitter.

Saying that Desiree Perez is an expert in the music industry is an understatement. Her work is more than excellent. She is involved in management, publishing, and labeling operations. She is also responsible for organizing productive and high-class artist plays, which see the label’s earnings skyrocket. Years of experience in the music industry has seen her gain great reverence, as she’s also part of the Hova Circle of Influence.

Success defines Desiree’s work. She has been very influential in the growth of ROC Nation. Anything she lays her hands on automatically turns to success. She was also involved in the negotiation of the Beyonce’s Formation Stadium and Samsung’s deal with Rihanna. She has outdone herself in the music industry.

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