Historic Invention Of Trabuco

Trabuco the war machine was invented by the Chinese people around 400BC. After a long period of time, at 600AD it was the time European people received the machine. The machine was used during the war where it could throw large projectiles that had the fire to their enemies. They could also throw heavy stones which were aiming at destroying the masonry walls of their enemies.

Trabuco came later to be abandoned when there was gunpowder guns invention. They had invented the machine which was known as counterweight blunderbuss which emerged from the Christians and Muslims regions. The machine was very powerful because it could even throw more than 800 meters to the enemy with the best accuracy. The weight of the projectiles could be ranging at around 140 kilos.

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When the machine was being invented, they considered the transformation of different energies according to linguee.com.br. This is where potential energy gets converted to form the kinetic energy. This is a scientific principle and because not all potential energy is formed to kinetic, the other will be dissipated as friction. The projectile velocity was directly proportional to the size of the counterweight. The more counterweight is, the stronger it will be able to launch the projectile. The machine operations depended directly on physical calculations which were kinetic energy, gravitational force and the difference in potential.

In the middle east, the Byzantine and Persians introduced the machine. Italy used Trabuco for the first time in 12th century and England in 1216 according to pt.wowhead.com. they had also built blunderbuss when the guns had become insufficient.

It is only one Trabuco that has been left in the museum for educating the people. It is used for fun and teaching people the basic mechanical principles. The one left has help over many centuries in the war and also developing the necessary process of history.

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