Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: Increasing Emergency Room Visits for Non-Urgent Medical Cases, a Course for Concern

Prevailing challenges in the healthcare sector has made the industry to be exposed to constant ridicule from other industries such that mentioning the industry in the public platform is likely to be considered humorous. The lack of financial support from both the government and private investors. This might explain why the private sector has invested so heavily in an attempt to benefit from the prevailing situation. However, the current situation is expected to go a notch higher after Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, an experienced emergency room physician based in Miami, Florida, highlighted that there is an increasing trend where individuals are choosing to visit the emergency room for non-urgent medical cases.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel notes that this trend has been there since the early 1990s but seems to be increasing with a large number of people seeking medication in emergency rooms as compared to those seeking medication in the primary care department. The issue is that those seeking medication in the emergency rooms are reported not to require immediate attention after examination by the doctors. On examining the reasons why Dr. Eric Forsthoefel notes that the limited number of physicians in the primary care department means that an individual has to spend more than twenty-four hours before getting an appointment with an experienced physician. This makes most of the patients, especially those in a high-income bracket, to seek medical attention in the emergency room where they will get a doctor immediately.

Other reasons as to why individuals are seeking medication in the emergency room for medical issues that are not considered emergent because they do not have a personal relationship with physicians in the primary care department. Moreover, low-income individuals would prefer to get medication in the emergency room as they have a perception that emergency rooms offer more convenience as compared to what one would get by seeking medical services in the primary care department. Dr. Eric Forsthoefel goes on further to highlight that doctors have found themselves in critical conditions.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel highlights that one of the main challenges facing physicians working in the emergency department is ascertaining whether an individual needs emergency medical attention or not. Determining whether a patient should access medical attention immediately is a serious issue that leads to a medical dilemma. However, doctors have decided to follow the necessary procedure by ensuring that individuals who seek medication in the emergency room are treated without determining whether individuals need emergency care. This has been done to ensure that a patient does not die due to negligence as physicians try to examine whether he/she needs emergency care.

The other challenge is that the emergency department in Florida and other states in the United States are experiencing an acute shortage of resources because more individuals would demand more emergency room visits as compared to those demanding primary healthcare. The people working in the emergency rooms work for more extended periods trying to attend to various medical services. Contrastingly, the number of patients in need of emergency room is increasing while the resources provided in this department remains constant.